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Worldwide sustainable transformation of Coastal Cities.

IMAGINE a coastal city that is sustainable and climate safe

Now imagine this is REAL!

IMAGINE a coastal city that is sustainable and climate safe.

Imagine that it knows every mile of the surrounding ocean and its local wealth is based on Blue Economy promoted by their citizens and companies.

Imagine that the energy for local companies and citizens it's self produced or provided by the waves; NOW IMAGINE THIS IS REAL!

7WF - 7thWAVE FACTORY - not only imagined this revolutionary integrated solution!

7WF not only created an innovative platform for the sustainable transformation of coastal cities around the globe, it actually harnessed the technological expertise with of all their partner to create together the 'BLUERIDER', an innovative BIGDATA station that can operate in sea and land collecting all the data needed for coastal cities climate safety and Blue Economy.

But 7WF does more! Our '7WF' platform goes into land and supports citizens and companies with clean energy and wide connectivity.

At its heart: total improvement in energy, connectivity and local blue economy development with no pollution emissions for coastal cities.

7WF platform was created out of the need to act urgently, for our planet and climate, on coastal cities worldwide.

We are committed to provide COASTAL CITIES with the means to harness unlimited BigData, clean energy, broad connectivity for their Blue Economy transformation.

Ocean BigData & Climate Safety data collecting

Digital technologies are transforming the world before our eyes. Today, we’re surrounded by billions of tiny sensors, embedded microprocessors, and wireless devices. All connected and available for instant communication and control.

Cars... Even shoes. Everywhere we we find evidence of human mind. Solving some of our complex problems. Making our streets safer. The electric grid more efficient. And our lives easyer.

Everywhere... except the Ocean.

Delivering Knowledge from Our Oceans to Our Customers

'7WF' - 7thWAVE FACTORY's vision is for a clean ocean, and a safe, sustainable planet. Our measurements and data gathering, from surface and below the ocean, provide data and understanding from maritime security to mapping, to earth system ways like weather forecasting, carbon cycling, global fishing, climate change. All of which have a tremendous impact on the planet and specifically on coastal cities.

'7WF' - 7thWAVE FACTORY designs, manufactures, and operates the world's most capable USVs. '7WF' - 7thWAVE FACTORYs are wind and solar-powered autonomous. These surface vehicles make cost-effective ocean data collection possible at scale. We collect critical marine data, delivered in real-time, from any ocean at any time of year. We are building the world's largest high-resolution ocean data sets, working with governments and private companies around the globe.

• Clean Energy production and delivery on coastal cities

• Blue Economy enabler on coastal cities for citizens & companies

How we do it:

Our BLUERIDER baseline data station

BLUERIDER data station by 7WF is based on five principles:


navigating dynamically at sea level, 'BLUERIDER' is a 20 meters long unsubmersible EV boat (USV) designed to fully harness the power of the wind or solar, while standing any ocean challenges, with zero fuel consumption and emissions, storing energy on Li-on batteries and hidrogen, capable of navigating at 6knots forever without refuelling, carrying our environment tech sensors as well as extra tech payload for clients up to 8metric tons.

A 'BLUERIDER' land version also operates as a Climate Data collecting station on Coastal Cities


by using top technologies from the drone sector, each 'BLUERIDER' USV is integrated in a 100% automated swarm around the ocean. It is simple to use, operated from the HQ, with minimal training required for control crews to deploy and operate.

future proof

BLUERIDER enables owners and operators to take control of their emissions decarbonisation.

It can be deployed on any ocean or coast line, bringing energy efficiency to life, bringing flexibility to clients management from reasearch, commercial and survailance.


'BLUERIDER' merges the strong drone safety requirement with the maritime standards to guarantee the safest product.

Digital models are constantly validated with real-life data to guarantee safety.


'BLUERIDER' is built "in house" incorporating the highest possible sustainable materials as well as 100% self produced clean energy in our 7thWAVE FACTORY industrial network.

How the ''BLUERIDER'' nautical vessels are made 'in house' on a serial built by 7thWAVE FACTORY:

The 7thWave Factory Industrial Network

7th WAVE FACTORY industrial network is responsible for the development, building, installation and operation of all industrial units to fabricate and Coastal Climate Safety Stations:

1 - build off shore OCEAN BIGDATA collecting Stations for ocean monitoring and mapping,

2 - build and install of infrastructures for LAND shore stations.

3 - build and install of infrastructures for SEA energy production.

The HQ nautical industrial unit has two areas of operation: one area operating as a nautical boutique and the other area as an industrial unit for the repurpose & upcycle build, in serial mode, of specific existing nautical vessels:

1- area dedicated to research, development and build of the vessels that make up our Armada.

The 7th Wave Factory naval boutique is the knowledge, research and development centre whose main objective is to carry out the entire process of using and integrating available technologies, carrying out tests and applying them in our Armada's units and later implemented in the off shore Stations and Stations.

As an integral part of 7Th WAVE FACTORY, it has the capacity to produce the vessels that make up the Armada;

2- Serial build area of ​​Climate Safety Stations, Big Data Stations and other equipment that will use the same production technology. This unit is responsible for carrying out the massive transformation of boats into:

• Climate Safety Stations for sea and land, climate safety stations for coastal cities (at sea and on land) with self-consumption energy production and cloud connected blockchain.

• Mapping and Monitoring off shore Costal Station with self-consumption energy production capacity and cloud-connected blockchain.

7thWave Factory Network Overview

To ensure the productivity required for the development and production processes, there are:


• definition of procedures and application of best practices;

• definition of goals and reward policy for objectives;

• integrated process and workflow control system;

• control of deviations and implementation of corrective measures;

• nimble and flexible board layout.

Connect Shipyard Network

The 7th Wave Factory Industrial Network is a Connect Shipyard Network

It will be equipped with Industry 4.0 resources using this technology to cover the design phase, the production phase, the industrial maintenance phase, the delivery and control phase and the phase service after delivery of the nautical vessels built. The Monitor process, improves the efficiency and effectiveness of the our factories network.

The industrial control system "Cyber-Physical Systems" (CPS) and theInternet of Things (IoT) allows you to monitor and maintain the efficiency of the factory network, from the design phase of a building through the production of virtual models to test, modify and improve projects before the start of physical production to post-delivery services.

The implanted sensors and monitoring systems allow the sharing of data collected in an industrial environment and provide the ability to plan the execution of tasks, in the acquisition and control of materials as well as plan future preventive maintenance, reducing operational downtime, saving energy, space and resources in production, reduce overall production time and improve the overall quality, reliability and safety of the final product, enhancing the efficiency of day-to-day operation.

The benefits of the digital shipyard are not simply limited to space-saving convenience, it also offers great advantages in the day-to-day operations of the shipbuilding and design team. They are simultaneously reducing modelling costs and the time that used to be spent building prototypes.

Industry 4.0 Resources

The technological resources of Industrial 4.0 result from the intelligent combination of emerging technologies that contribute to the evolution of shipyards to the digital age, making them more efficient in carrying out the diverse tasks from design to delivery and after-sales services for each vessel.

The implementation on our Industrial Network of Industry 4.0 features combine:

3D Systems
the digitization, modeling and 3D printing that make the design process and changes and improvements faster and more efficient;
Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality
the use of AR/VR facilitates the entire development process with a digital overlay of the real world and the creation of a digital twin allows designers a deeper understanding of the vessel and consequently streamline the process of building and maintaining the vessel;
Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning
the AI/ML, work the information received, introduces continuous improvement in the processes, facilitating decisions, saving time, materials, labour and energy and rationalizing the space while offering greater quality and reliability to the final product;
Robotic Process Automation
RPA replicates repetitive human tasks faster and more efficiently.

The Workflow System works in a collaborative environment and the Blockchain allows a greater degree of security for the interaction between our Factories Network, where project engineers, production managers, operators, suppliers and all intervening parties can centralize their collaborative activities.

All relevant information is created and managed in a single secure space where users enter the virtual environment through a secure portal that runs the applications and allows a secure collaborative environment to carry out the necessary tasks.

A collaborative tool increases productivity, enhances team spirit, eliminates work boundaries, improves collaboration, keeping confidential data protected.

It prevents, as much as possible, for information being lost, stolen, contaminated or destroyed while collaborating with external partners or suppliers.

So, this way, we are absolutely committed to the challenge of enabling sustainable transformation of Coastal Cities – with Citizens and Companies around the Globe